Nutrition with Robin Goldberg!

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Massage by JMarie's goal has always been to educate our clients with treatment. Since we can't be there in person, we wanted to be able to share some really important things with you in easy to understand ways. We chose to do that in the form of interviews.

Our first interview is with Robin Goldberg of Robin Goldberg Nutrition + Wellness. She is an amazing human, on top of being really smart and passionate. Robin and I met while fundraising for the Rolfe Pancreatic Cancer Foundation. Our views align so well, that we often find ourselves talking for hours because of the passion we feel for our crafts. After one of our long talks, we decided to team up to bring some basic info on nutrition to you, and to show you how little changes can make big differences in our lives.

The whole interview is about 40 minutes. We've broken it up into sections for you. Without further ado . . .

Nutrition with Robin Goldberg. Enjoy!

What is Nutrition?

How can Nutrition influence Sleep?

Sleep. Check. Now I need energy. Can Nutrition play a roll in my energy levels?

We want to do something with all that energy. How does Nutrition facilitate power to push our bodies to the edge of possibilities?

I need help. What does it look like to work with Robin?

We've barely scratched the surface here, so please post your comments below so that we can invite Robin back for another interview and a deeper dive! If you would like to connect with Robin, here is her info:

Robin Goldberg Nutrition + Wellness

Find her on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Yelp.

Book for purchase: Hidden Veggies

We want to address Hydration next, so stay tuned!

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