Ergonomic Desk Chairs

My husband and I have been in a temporary living situation that was originally supposed to be for 4 months. After which we would be moving into a new space and setting up our home offices exactly how we wanted them. Until the move we decided to make due.

If there's anything I've learned 17 months later............. one of the important tools in a home office arsenal is a proper desk chair (while I sit at a makeshift desk on a dining room table).

So, today is literally the day I gave up and started searching for the best chair, when low and behold, we also received a request from a client for chair recommendations. What are the odds?! If there's two of us needing this info, I can only imagine how many more of you were thinking the same thing!

A blog on ergonomics is already in the works with many more details to come, but until that is ready to be posted, I thought I would get this information out there.

Disclaimer: we have not tested any of these chairs. Sadly I find none of these chairs to be perfect, but honestly, I don't see a perfect chair in existence. Here is my idea of the criteria for the perfect chair:

  • Adjustable headrest

  • High-back - padded or mesh

  • Adjustable, reclining back

  • Adjustable armrests

  • Padded seat

  • Swivel

  • Adjustable chair height

  • Wheels

You choose what is important to you, and search for that. Otherwise, if you end up picking one of the chairs from Amazon below, you will be supporting Massage by JMarie during our COVID-19 shutdown! Just make sure you purchase on the same window that opens from the link below. :)

The options below also seem like good chairs but can't be found on Amazon and if purchased will not support Massage by JMarie:

HON Sport Executive Chair $517*

Humanscale Freedom Headrest $1,169*

*All prices are subject to change. They were reported as accurate April of 2020. Massage by JMarie does not set these prices nor do we sell any of the products recommended here.

Stay safe and let us know if you have questions!

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