Sign up for a Massage Membership and save an average of 10 - 20% on each massage.​ Members enjoy booking priority, automated payments, custom wellness plans, and access to exclusive discounts and offers.

Buy a bundle of Packaged Massages and save between 5 - 15% per massage. Package buyers take advantage of flexible scheduling by booking their massages as frequently as they are needed. 



I want regular massages. Should I become a member, or buy packages?

Both options have their perks, and both offer savings! MEMBERSHIPS: are great if you know you want at least one massage every month. They make incorporating massage into your regular routine simple and easy - and they let you save an average of 10 - 20% on each massage you book (depending on your level). As a member, you enjoy booking priority, custom wellness plans, access to automatic billing, waived credit card fees, and exclusive offers on additional discounted services, events, and gifts. Plus, once you sign up, there's nothing to think about. You are billed automatically, you can schedule easily through your site account, and we can even create standing appointments, if you'd like. PACKAGES: are great if you know you want to recieve semi-frequent massages, and/or if you want to be really flexible about booking. If you buy a 7-Pack of massages, for instance, you can spread those seven massages out over the course of an entire year, or reedem them all in one month. You can save between 5 - 15% per massage (depending on your package), and its easy to track how many massages you have in your site account.

How do memberships work?

Members sign up for between one and four massages a month and save an average of 10 - 20% off each booked massage (depending on their membership level). Members enjoy booking priority, waived credit card fees, automatic billing, and recieve exclusive offers on additional discounted services, events, and gifts. There are no membership commitments and no joining fees - you can cancel you membership at any time (and you can re-join at any time). Perhaps most significantly, members benefit from bringing knowledgable health practitioners into their on-going fitness and care routines. Our massage therapists tailor courses of treatment to each member's specific lifestyle. We get to know you, invest in your success, and help you live a healthier, happier life.

As a member, if I miss a monthly massage, does it roll over into next month?

Members are free to reschedule their standing appointment within a given month as often as is necessary (subject to availability), but as a rule, we are not able to roll one month's massage into the next month. That said, we know life happens, and we are certainly understanding of emergencies and unique circumstances. We also work hard to make sure members don't miss months. Our membership system allows us to track members' appointments, and we pay close attention to scheduling.

How do I redeem massages bought as part of a package?

It's easy! Just go to our on-line booking portal, select "Redeem a Package" from the services tab, and select either a 60 or 90 minute appointment (per your package). You'll be promoted to log in to our account portal, and once you're in, our system will apply one of your package's credits to your requested massage.

Do packages ever expire

Yes. Massage packages must be used within one year of purchase.


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