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Massage by JMarie's work is guided by the principle that an investment in the quality of your health is an investment in the quality of your life.

We are passionate about helping you experience the clinical and holistic benefits of massage therapy, and are committed to delivering exceptional care. 

Meet the Team


The skilled therapists at Massage by JMarie are passionate about helping you live your best life. Our highly trained team will address your aches and pains, and empower you to take greater ownership of your physical health and well being.

"Jenn is the best! She has a huge depth of knowledge, she really cares about her clients, and she ensures they know how to do appropriate stretches to help them out between sessions. Her knowledge and service are an amazing value."

Zach R  |  Jan 2019

“Massage by JMarie does great work AND they are incredibly easy to work with (payment, scheduling, etc). They do a great job keeping track of any lingering issues and making sure they are addressed over time, which I really appreciate.”

Aaron S  |  Dec 2018

"Jenn was perfect for my first massage and I'll be going back to her soon! She made me comfortable and talked me through the process, which is great for a newbie who likes to understand things. Thanks a million!"

Stacey S  |  May 2017

Happy, Healthy Clients



Can you explain what Massage by JMarie does?

Sure thing! Massage by J Marie is a mobile massage company that provides in-home massage for individuals and households, and on-site services for businesses and events. Just let us know where and when you'd like your massage, and once your appointment is confirmed, wait for Massage by JMarie to show up. We'll bring the table, sheets and even some tunes. Once your massage is complete and you're refereshed and restored - you're done! There's no drive home and no traffic to naviagate. All you have to do . . . . . . is relax.

What style of therapy does Massage by JMarie practice?

Massage by JMarie tailors every massage to address each client's specific aches and pains. We typically employ a mix of clinical and holistic massage techniques, blending some Swedish Massage, some Deep Tissue Massage, and some Sports Massage. We actively check in with clients to ensure they're receiving the therapy they need, and we're happy to adjust sessions based on a client's preferences. Meaning: if you want a 90-minute massage that's entirely Swedish, we're happy to do that.

What length massage should I get?

The best way to choose what length massage to get is to consider how much attention your issues need, and then determine your goals for your session. Meaning: do you want a massage that's primarily relaxing? Or do you want a massage that will help you address some specific issues and problem areas? * * * * * * * * * * * * If you're generally interested in relaxation, any length massage will help you unwind (the longer your massage, the more blissed out you will be). If you want some deeper tissue work, or some more focused therapy, here are our guidelines for what length massage to schedule:

  • A standard 60 Minute Massage can either be used to address general concerns, or it can be tailored to concentrate on one or two specific issues.
  • A standard 90 Minute Massage usually allows us to work your full body, and comprehensively address two or three signifigant problem areas with some serious deep tissue or sports based thearapy. If you lead a relatively active lifestyle, or have any persistent physical health issues you'd like to focus on, we recommend regularly booking 90 Minute Massages.
  • A standard 120 Minute Massage should allow us to do an incredibly thorough full-body massage, and give significant extra attention to your problem areas. If you enjoy a very active lifestyle, are a high performer of some sort (athlete, dancer, actor), are on your feet for extended periods of time, or have any chronic ailments/pains, we recommend asking about 120 Minute Massages.

How often should I get a massage?

As often as you need them! Some clients schedule one massage a week, some schedule one a month, and some schedule them when their shoulders just can't take bearing the weight of the world anymore. If you want to make the most out of massage, we strongly recommend regularly scheduling appointments, and incorporating massage into your health and wellness routine. One massage a month is a great starting place. From there, we can discuss increasing or decreasing your massages based on your needs and goals. How frequently you schedule your massages should be determined based on a variety of factors - including your lifestyle, your activity level, your health, and your fitness/wellness goals. Want to talk about your specific issues and goals? Get in touch, and let's talk!

How far in advance do I need to schedule my massage?

Our on-line booking portal allows you to schedule massages with 48 hours notice. If you really need a massage within 24 hours though, we try our best to accomodate all requests, and if you contact us directly, we may be able to find an appointment for you. Regular clients can schedule massages weeks (or even months) in advance. For new clients - we work as quickly as possible to perform an intake and get you booked in our first opening.

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Massage by JMarie operates in the City of Chicago and in select suburbs.

Mon / Thurs:  8:00am - 8:00pm

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